Free naturopath appointment



Compatibility Call – 15 mins – Free

This is an obligation and cost free 15 minute phone conversation for you to share your health concerns and find out whether seeing me for an appointment is right for you.

Evoke Naturopathy naturopath appointment



Initial Naturopathic Consultation – 90 mins – $140

As part of your initial consultation, I take a thorough case history including your medical and family health history, diet and lifestyle and any pathology results. The appointment incorporates in clinic testing including blood pressure, skin, nail and tongue analysis and iridology.  Following this appointment, you will be provided with a tailored health treatment plan that will outline the health issues you are experiencing and how we will address those issues to enable healing to begin.



Naturopath appointment


Follow up Naturopathic Consultation – 45 mins – $75

This is a follow up appointment to discuss your treatment plan, progress or changes to your current health status and any challenges you may be experiencing.  Dietary and lifestyle recommendations and the results or feedback from any referrals or tests may also be discussed.


Naturopath appointment

Acute Consultation – 30 mins – $50

These appointments are suitable for short term conditions such as coughs, colds, flu, hayfever and other acute issues.  Your symptoms are discussed and treatment is aimed at symptomatic relief.