Jennifer Greaves Naturopath at Evoke Naturopathy Jane Brook clinic





Hi, I’m Jenni at Evoke Naturopathy.  I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a Midland Naturopath who is passionate about natural medicine and dedicated to helping you reach your health goals.  As your Naturopath, I can spend time with you getting a complete health history to gain a full understanding of what is going on for you.  I treat a wide range of health issues and have a special interest in adrenal maladaptation, stress and anxiety and fatigue.

In clinic, my approach is both holistic and science based.  I completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), a three year degree that provided me with a sound understanding of the human body, evidence-based knowledge of nutritional and herbal medicine and so much more.  I am a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA).

I have faced some health challenges of my own over the years and these inspired me to learn about natural medicine and become a Naturopath.

As a teenager, I contracted glandular fever twice, leaving me bedridden for several months with extreme fatigue, no appetite and missing a large part of my schooling and my final year school ball.

Determination, hard work and a burning desire for perfection saw me rise through the ranks in the world of corporate finance however sixty hour working weeks and overwhelming stress took its toll.  With a huge hormonal imbalance, I suffered for a long time with debilitating endometriosis, resulting in major surgery for what my gyno told me was one of the worst cases he’d ever seen.  My hubby and I tried for several years to start a family, to no avail.  A roller coaster of emotions followed over the next five years as we embarked on many failed IVF attempts. It was devastating and cruel to have the choice of motherhood withheld.

I quit my job, took a well-earned break and decided to go see a naturopath.

I was guided and supported on a strict three month diet, introduced to the wonders of herbal medicine to reduce stress and anxiety, and in no time at all, we were ecstatic to learn we were expecting our first child.   I was over the moon…..and was then diagnosed with gestational diabetes, the result of earlier lifestyle choices and a genetic predisposition.  With a little more help from my naturopath, I had the diabetes under control with diet alone.

When my kids were still little, our family was dealt a difficult blow when my mum was diagnosed with early onset dementia at just 60 years of age.  It’s robbed us all in some way or another but it was the catalyst that directed me towards a career in natural health, a calling to help other people, where there is an understanding and empathy for the struggles that others are experiencing.

Despite all of this, I am grateful for the health challenges and experiences life has thrown at me. They have helped me to become better equipped to understand what you are going through and to be by your side on your journey to reclaim your health.

Whether you’ve been struggling for a long time with a particular health condition or you simply wish to take a more proactive approach to help you live your best life, I’m here to guide and support you.