Meditation has so many benefits including reducing stress, controlling anxiety and improving focus. But how do we quiet the screeching monkeys jumping around and chattering non-stop in our heads so we can start meditating?

This was me when I first tried to meditate – mind all over the place, trying to focus on my breath but the thoughts kept churning.

What am I going to cook for dinner?
Breathe in.
Did I run out of quinoa?
Breathe out.
Maybe I could go for a walk later.
Breathe in.
I should do a Facebook post about the benefits of exercise.
Breathe out.

And the monkeys kept screaming. I couldn’t focus so I gave up.

Then I discovered guided meditation. It’s the only form of meditation that keeps me on track. Guided sessions vary in length and lead us into a state of relaxed concentration and visualisation. Being in this state enables the mind to become still, clear and reflective. There’s no better way to overcome anxiety or a racing mind than by taking the time to practice meditation. The heart rate slows down, blood pressure returns to the normal range and inner peace and calm is restored. And it keeps getting better – the more often you practice meditation, the greater the benefits.

It’s important to find meditations you enjoy listening to. There’s a load of meditation apps on offer nowadays and I’ve downloaded many, but here’s a list of some of my favourites.

My favourite guided meditations

Relaxation meditation by Kate Reardon (10 mins) – Free
A beautiful meditation from Kate Reardon to listen to before bed or anytime you need to relax.

Happy heart meditation (9 mins) – Free
Enhances your mood, encourages the release of stress, fear and any negative barriers.

Surrender into sleep meditation (14 mins) – Free
Offers a progressive relaxation, giving your mind a chance to slow down and relax your entire body.

Surrender and let go meditation (27 mins) – US$8
This deep and relaxing meditation from Kate Reardon assists you into a deep, relaxing meditation to promote your innate healing capacity through breath and visualisation.

Healing the Body (31 mins) – US$8
Another beautiful meditation by from Kate Reardon. This one helps you relax and connect to your body to promote healing.

Take Back Your Power Ritual (28 mins) – $33
This one from Sara Brooke helps you discover any imbalances in your life. Perfect for over-achievers, perfectionists and those who give so much. It will help you to become aware of how you are managing your personal power and energy.

Body scan (10mins) – Free
Body scan (30 mins) – Free
The body scans run through each part of the body, paying special attention to the way each area feels. Perfect after a busy day or when your mind is racing.

If you just want some calming, ambient meditation or sleep music, stream or download for free Long Ambiants 1 & 2, more than 7 hours of immersive music produced by musician Moby.

Why wait to meditate?  Use any of the links above to get started on calming your nervous system and healing your body.  If you need a little extra help with stress, anxiety, sleep or any other health or wellbeing issues, please make an appointment.